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With all of these soul-shattering, life-changing conditions, it is less of a war and more of a test of strength for the soldiers, here at Valley Forge. Some men were going home and not returning. Other men just completely deserted. Even George Washington’s position was uncertain, the members of congress didn’t trust him. Life at Valley Forge was obviously horrible, and the ugly truth is that it wouldn’t get much better. Cold was one problem, smoke was another. Hopefully, the soldiers will have the courage to make it through this devastating time. Lack of food, living conditions, and horrid climate are some reasons of why a soldier would quit Valley Forge. One reason a soldier would quit Valley Forge is the lack of food. The lack of food is a dreadful hardship the soldiers have to deal with. This hardship brings about not just hunger but many other factors. When you are hungry from the lack of food, you are weak and because you are weak you cannot fight well or deal with simple problems well. This effects basicly the whole war in a way. If the soldiers can’t fight, they will fail. In document a it tells about the all the deaths and the illnesses at Valley Forge. Hunger causes death and illness. Also, in document c it talks about poor food, nasty cookery, and fatigue. The lack of food is …show more content…

The climate at Valley Forge is horrible. The soldiers are constantly freezing. They have a choice between freezing cold, or smoke. The huts that the soldiers stay in have a fireplace but they don’t have a chimney so all of the smoke is trapped in the hut and they can barely breath. The soldiers get smoke in their lungs and it is horrible. Sadly, it is either smoke in the lungs, or freezing to death. The soldiers choose smoke. Either way they have to suffer. In document c and b it shows the cold, it said it was a big factor in the war. Smoke is yet another reason a soldier would quit Valley

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