153 George Washington's Army To Spy On The British Army

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I am filled with despair and agony while fighting to survive the war. Year 1777 to 1778, valley forge is a small military village. Re-enlist because of time, resources, and the armies spirit. Grew in boston . tea party inspired me to fight. Bought a farm. Settled in back country.Valley forge - a small village to store washington’s army to spy on British army in. Since my nine months finish in the spring why would I quit if the weather is going to get better? In the Background essay 141 “your nine-month enlistment is up for march 1st “. so you only have one more month to go. For Background essay 141 “more people became nine month men” and caused us to have less soldiers and become weak.only a few full-time soldiers stayed while the rest either …show more content…

DOC C: yet they still show a spirit of alacrity [cheerful willingness]. DOC C: “The army that has been surprisingly healthy hitherto,” . Pg. 153 George washington will give a speech every week to lighten things up a bit (paraphrase). Pg. 151 Young troops were very happy and cheerful to be there (paraphrase). This reason is causing me to re-enlist because the spirit in Washington’s army keeps me from leaving. Having everyone around me staying in good spirit did not let me go One of the reason my fellow soldiers would decide to not re-enlist is because the sickness. The estimated death of sickness or encampment stated in DOC A: “december-june 1,800 to 2,500”. The sickness killed about half of the people at valley forge. But the winter ended which means less disease and more resources so why quit if you pass all the boring part? I stayed because of the time, resources, and army spirit. I will re-enlist i am confident that our army will win. Valley forge was a big help to american soldiers to spy on the

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