Valley Forge Dbq Analysis

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Death and Empty Seats The year is February 1778, 18 miles away from Pennsylvania in Valley forge. We are dieing slowly,one by one, most of us are either sick or dead.This was intended to be the colonial army’s winter camp but instead it has turned into a graveyard. I am leaving because of the death count and illnesses,the diary of Dr.Albigence Waldo,and finally the engraving of the committee of congress. I was told that valley forge was going to be a breeze and the colonial army would be back on it’s feet in the spring,but I was wrong. What scares me is that the total death count was 4,000,and sick is mearly half of what troops we broght(doc A). I value life as much as I value the war,but I’d rather die in battle than in Valley Forge.

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