Reasons Why I Quit Valley Forge

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Valley Forge Would You Have Quit
Yes I would have quit at Valley Forge and some of the reasons that I would have quit were the dirty clothes, the bad cooking, and the cold weather. These were only a few of the reasons why I didn 't want to stay at Valley Forge, there are many more than that it 's just that those were my top three reasons why I wouldn 't have stayed at Valley Forge. I will go more in depth with reasons why I wouldn’t have stayed at Valley Forge.
The first reason that I wouldn’t have stayed at Valley Forge is because of the clothes I mean you would have to wear the same stuff every single day including shoes even if you had any shoes to wear at all. I couldn’t live in the conditions to wear i 'm …show more content…

The Next reason why I would leave Valley Forge is the cooking they have. The reason that I would leave because of the cooking is because the pots weren’t clean and the food was probably just gross because nothing would have got clean and there was not enough to go around to everybody and that 's why everybody was starving and that was one of the reasons most of the deaths were caused by and also the one that I will be talking about after this one right here.
The final reason that I would leave Valley Forge is because of how cold it was I would not have been able to live in the conditions of it being so cold and not have anything to eat and not have any clothes on or maybe just a shirt I could not deal with the hypothermia or the frostbite on my toes cause didn 't have any shoes to keep my feet warm this is what would push me all the way over the point by itself not just because it would be cold just the fact of knowing I couldn’t do anything about it, that is why I couldn’t stand this problem.
These were my top three reasons to why I wouldn’t stay in Valley Forge. The cooking the clothes and also the freezing my butt off during all of that happening I don’t understand how these people made it through the times that I couldn’t even make it through a day out at Valley Forge. I most likely wouldn’t have been able to stay there the whole time at Valley Forge. This will conclude my essay on Valley Forge would you have

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