How Did General Washington Decide To Stay At Valley Forge

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At Valley Forge I can smell the stench of the nasty cooking and hear the angry soldiers crying out that there is more meat. Members of the Congress didn’t trust in General Washington. There is a soldier that has worn out shoes, his legs are bare and half naked. Soldiers were healthy but started to grow sick. Deciding not to re-enlist is a choice I made because of the lack of trust, living conditions, illness at Valley Forge. I participated in the Boston Tea Party and little did I know that in four years I would be freezing at Valley Forge. In 1777, Washington and his soldiers arrived at Valley Forge. The Declaration of Independence helped the Revolutionary War start. In October of 1777, Washington was unable to stop the British from marching into the national capital of Philadelphia. Scarlet fever, is where the girls fall for the British soldiers and their red coats.
I do not trust General Washington and he can barely keep his army together. His place as a general is threatened by Congress members.“General Washington is desperate to keep his army intact.” (Roden 141) The quote shows that the soldiers are leaving and do not trust him. “To make matters worse, Washington’s own position was uncertain” (Roden 141) This quote means that the soldier wondered why he is able to do this. General Washington does not have trust from his army. Lots of soldiers are leaving …show more content…

“Smoked out of my senses.” The soldiers senses are getting messed up. The way everyone is getting sick; about 2,898 people got sick at Valley Forge in December. Lots of soldiers are getting sick but not as many as in February. Around 3,989 people got sick at valley forge in February. There was way more soldiers sick in February than in December. I do not want to get sick and die is a reason why I am not re-enlisting. No way am I getting sick because the other soldiers are getting sick and not reporting for

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