A Narrative Of A Revolutionary Soldier Summary

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The American Revolution marked the history of many heroic events that immaculately stand as true inspirations for the generations to come in the United States. Even today, the gallantry of a few soldiers that won independence for the country is not only kept in the hearts of the people but run in the American blood to demonstrate acts of valor at times of war and hardships. One such story recorded in the history dates back to 1776, about a sixteen-year old juvenile, Joseph Plumb Martin, joined the Rebel Infantry and recorded his tribulations about forty-seven years in a memoir titled as “A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier”. The book mainly focuses on the sufferings through the tough situation he went through. Not only does the book highlight the positive reflection on the events of the American Revolution, but gives an overall unbiased insight of the happenings on through Martin eyes. Martin has been successful in portraying the truthful picture of the American Revolutionary War that includes the flawless character and moral perfection coupled with the problems and burdens that befell the army, and how they took it In the initial events of the book, Martin enters the war as a young boy who is anxious to protect his country and experiences noteworthy adventures along the way of his dream. He fights against the …show more content…

With such aid at his disposal; it is not at all evident that Martin is not facing hardships in the story, for he is not only battling the war but also hunger and cold along with all his mates. In fact, Martin does not seem to be agreeing with the fact that wars are primarily combative. On the contrary, he gives a more descriptive account of the times spent in the marches, camping, and waiting more often than he describes the bloody events in the

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