Summary Of Wrath By Charley Goddard

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War was much different than Charley Goddard had expected. He did not expect to see people die right before his eyes. He did not expect to wash his face with bloody water. Charley Goddard faced many brutal surprises during war time. What he sees while he is at war will not only turn him into a man but give him a soldier's heart.
When Charley joined the First Minnesota Volunteers he along with many others wanted to help support his country during war. Everyone from the Union and the Confederacy thought that the war would be over soon but sadly they were wrong. The war that Charley had just joined would be bloodiest American war yet. Charley found out in this book that war changes people and that it is often not what people make it out to be. …show more content…

Bullets were flying everywhere and Charley just about couldn’t take it. Charley was scared out of his mind. He was already questioning his decision to join the war and the first battle wasn't even over yet. After this battle Charley was so shocked that he vomited. This battle will change Charley's view of war forever. During the Civil War war tactics were not very good. Basically the way they fought was two armies of men in a field shooting at each other without much cover. This affected Charley because it put him in more danger which increased his fear level dramatically. In one battle Charley and the men he was with walked out into an open field and fired at Rebel soldiers hiding in the trees ahead of them. This frightened him very much because he didn’t know where exactly he was supposed to shoot at. Also he didn't know where the people shooting at him were at. At one point Charley had to serve horse meat to his fellow soldiers because there were no cattle to slaughter for beef. Charley had to kill several horses that were meant to be used for war so the other soldiers could have some meat. Charley did not think that killing horses was something he would have to do when he joined the war. Charley did end up trading with a Confederate soldier which is another thing he did not expect to do when he joined the

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