Soldier's Heart Analysis

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Soldier’s Heart is written by Gary Paulsen and is based on a true story. The story Soldier’s Heart is about a boy named Charley Goddard who wants to become a man. Charley does have soldier's heart. Soldier’s heart is a disease name that was used during the times of Civil War. it was said that although the disease was called soldier’s heart, most people did not know what the disease was. What it is though is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
Yes, I think that Charley Goddard at the end of the story has Soldier’s Heart. I think he has this because of the war. Ever since he came back home alive from the war, he has been having flashbacks. Flashbacks of him in the war, him seeing his friends being killed, him starving and having to fight and kill people. Instead of running and working and having a family, CHarley is alone by himself with no family, and no kids. He can’t run, because he has a limp and was hurt during the war.
Charley is in pain and wants to die. He thinks he has seen too much in his life. He feels old. Old of life and wants to die, he wants to see the friends that he once knew. He is able to keep his mind off of that and all of the other things he saw/did …show more content…

He cannot get over what had happened. The only way for it to be cured is for him to think about the pretty things about what happened before he left. He can think about the girls, and the Southern summer mornings and the cheering children. As Charley lives out his life he will never forget what happened to him. He will never forget what he saw, what he did, etc. Charley acts as if he is an old man. Charley wants to

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