Perks Of Being A Wallflower Analysis

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1. The Perks of being a Wallflower is a story about a high school freshman named Charlie. Through the entire novel Charlie is writing letters addressed to an anonymous friend. In these letters, he talks about his journey throughout his first year in high school. Where he experiences everything for the first time – first dates, family drama, drugs and new friends. In other words; growing up. 2. Charlie is an unpopular and introverted teen who 's going through a new phase in life – High school. Everything is new to him, which makes him even more lost and confused. It all starts when Charlie 's only friend from middle school committed suicide; since then Charlie 's been lonely and poignant. Additionally, his 'favorite person in the world ' Aunt Helen died in a car crash prior to the story. Just like he blames himself for the suicide of his friend Michael, he blames himself for his Aunt 's death too and would rather not talk about it. Charlie 's high school life begins solo, until he meets Sam and Patrick – seniors – who help him cope with these issues and introduce him to the world of good music, drugs and other things. Throughout the story, we see him battling to accept himself and the world around him while growing up. 3. Charlie Kelmeckis is a blue eyed fifteen (sixteen by the end of the book) year old teenage boy. He 's a brunette with pale skin, and is at medium height. He has a habit of licking his lips or looking away when holding a conversation. Also, he speaks

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