Identity Analysis: The Breakfast Club

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1. The movie I have selected for the identity analysis assignment will be the Breakfast Club (1986). The movie is about five teenagers who are from different groups in high school cliques; the popular girl (Claire), the loner (Allison), the athlete (Andrew), the nerd Brain) and the outsider (Bender). They spend the Saturday in detention together. As they spend the day together, they begin to realize their flaws and how much alike they are. The character I will focus on is Andrew Clark. He is a jock, the athlete on the wrestling team. He seems to enjoy his status as an athlete and has a high self-esteem because of that status. Andrew seems to feel like he needs to protect everyone but is hot-tempered. He also follows rules but feels like he…show more content…
Toward the end of the movies, I believe after his stage of identity diffusion, Andrew will continue his exploring on what identity is him. Like the other characters in the Breakfast Club, they are on the path to identifying themselves. They went into detention with the assumption of each other personalities based on what group they hang out with. Although moratorium “can only take place in an environment that allows and encourages it” (p. 221), I believe that his bond with The Breakfast Club, has allowed for him to reach this…show more content…
The Breakfast Club portrays elements of adolescent development very well. In this stage of our lives we are trying to figure out who we are. Some of us may explore different identities and there are others that just do what others tell them to do. The movie depicted role confusion in each of the characters. It also talked about peer pressure and how it influences how we act. An example in the movie, was when Brain had asked about what was going to happen on Monday and if they would still be friends. Claire responded by saying no, we won’t be friends. They would all go back to their friends. Andrew disagreed with her. She explained to Andrew what he would do if Brain came up to him in the hallways, Andrew would respond to Brian but as soon as Brian leaves. Andrew will start making fun of
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