Examples Of Loneliness In The Road By Cormac Mccarthy

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“You remember what you want to forget and you forget what you want to remember,” (McCarthy 12). With most aspects of life, the horrendous moments are the times that no one can erase. This applied to The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Towards the end of the novel when the son loses his father proves to be the most indelible moment with the assistance of the feelings experienced during that part. The son encounters a variety of emotions including loneliness, loss and hope. In enduring these complex emotions, this section was the most remarkable part. One of the first apparent emotions the boy experiences with the death of his father is loneliness to make this section memorable. The boy expresses this sentiment when he stays with his father described as, “When he came back he knelt beside his father and held his cold hand and said his name over and over again,” (McCarthy 281). The definition of loneliness is, “sadness because one has no friends or company.” This action shows that the boy obviously misses his father and wants him to come back. He had no one else and now is all alone in the world. The boy is sad because his father died, but also because of his desolation from life. The boy is so secluded from life, he weeps for his …show more content…

The light in the darkness comes with the father’s goodbye when he tells the boy, “‘You have to carry the fire.’ ‘I dont know how to.’ Yes you do.’ ‘Is it real? The fire?’ ‘Yes it is,’” (McCarthy 278). The boy sees the father as a visionary. An all-knowing person. When his father says the fire is real and the boy can reach it, the boy believes him and will now strive to achieve it for his father. It is no longer only his ambition to reach it for himself. In realizing this new goal or ambition, the audience can interpret that the boy is going to thrive to complete

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