Civil War Book Comparison

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The books that are being compared and contrasted are both about The Civil War and what these soldiers went through. Each book has a few differences that separate them. The books are based on the same time period so they are going to have a lot in common. The books describe what both characters had to go through during the war. The differences in the book will show you how each soldier went through the war differently and the similarity’s will show you how it was for most of the soldiers in the Civil War. There are several alterations between the books. The soldiers that the books were about are from different states, Henry was from New York, and Charley was from Minnesota. The soldiers also had different injuries, identical to Charley from Soldier’s Heart he got his injury in battle and Henry from The Red Badge of Courage got his running away from Battle. Charley stayed in battle even though he wanted to leave, he stayed and fought, but Henry ran when the Confederates …show more content…

The soldiers the books talk about are both from the north, so we never truly understand what the southern soldiers are thinking or going through. Henry and Charley were both volunteers for the union. The soldiers, both had injuries, even though they got them in different ways they still had injuries while being it the union army. Where there are so many resemblances that this is what it is like for most of the soldiers.
Charley and Henry had to kill people in hand to hand combat, so these soldiers have gone through a lot in the war. The main characters in this book were both young, Henry was the legal age of 18 but he was still young, and Charley was only 16 when he signed up. The hardships of the war and all the kill caused both characters to go insane from the killing. the soldiers were in the same war, the Civil War, but fought in different battles. Overall the soldiers were required to go through tight and nervous experiences while in

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