Summary Of The Film Glory

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Glory The movie Glory is a story about white and black soldiers who are in the North fighting for slavery against slavery in the South and them learning how to love one another. It tells about the different privileges that the white soldiers had as opposed to the black soldiers and what they all had to go through during the war times. There were many racial conflicts that these soldiers had to go through and many people were prejudiced against the 54th regiment because they all had different colored skin. Back then many white people were used to people with different colored skin working as slaves. There were also moral differences and differences with politics that they all had to go through. The black soldiers still have to go through racism and their Colonel stood by their side through the…show more content…
The quartermaster is the one who’s in charge of all supplies being handed out and how much the soldiers got paid. Shaw finds out that there were plenty of shoes and socks in stock, but the soldiers weren’t getting any of it. When Shaw confronted the quartermaster he finds out that they weren’t getting the supplies they needed because of their race. The quartermaster was being prejudiced towards the soldiers because they were black and at first found it very amusing being confronted by Shaw, until Shaw showed how serious he could be. After this altercation, Rawlins got new shoes for everyone and passed them out to all the soldiers who needed them. In addition to this, the government decided to pay the black soldiers $10 a month, whereas the white soldiers were getting paid $13 a month. This made everyone upset. Trip encouraged all the soldiers to go into a revolt denying their pay. Shaw decided to join them by ripping up his own pay stub which made him earn the respect of his soldiers. Shaw even promoted one of the soldiers because of his brave
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