Historical Validity Of The Movie Glory

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Movies and Hollywood have captivated our ideas of history whether it being movies such as 300 or my current topic Glory. Movies have profound impact on our historical perception and even though these movies try to stay accurate they still present major inaccuracy. Now in this paper I will be reviewing and detailing the historical validity of the 1989 Civil War blockbuster Glory, the movie is centered on the Massachusetts 54th regiment that was predominately made up of African American free men and their commander Robert Gould Shaw, who was the son of a prominent Abolitionist family in Boston. Shaw was originally was apart of the 7th New York who had aided in the defense of Washington and later join and rise up the ranks in the 2nd Massachusetts.
This is were Glory begins the movie depicts the story through Shaw’s eyes from the battle of Antietam where Shaw is dumb founded by the horror of war, now this is a tad bit of a history let off because he would have already seen combat casualties in the 1st battle of Winchester where there were huge casualties …show more content…

The character core such as Trip, Thomas and John Rawlins showed why black soldiers were proud to be apart of the union army and were ready and willing to stand for what they believed. The racism of both Union and Confederate troops which was displayed throughout the movie with examples such as the letter sent from the Confederate President Davies stating that all black troops that were captured would be put in slavery or killed likewise there commanding officers would be hanged, or when the Union army did not pay them the military standard 13.00 dollars and stated that the money was being deducted for their uniforms the men refused to take inadequate pay and in a show of unity Shaw and his officers refused their pay to show their solidarity which was one of the powerful

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