Private Trip Analysis

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Private Trip, who is played by Denzel Washington, was a runaway slave from Tennessee. He was a very arrogant and complex man who was constantly searching to fights. He tried to get into fights with Thomas due to his hatred to him and due to his education and privileges he had. From the start of the movie, his anger and his resentment of the white men was usually taken out on his fellow soldiers. There were even cases that he would start fights with the white soldiers because they would say the 54th would have no chance to fight in the field and he knew he was tougher than other men he served with. He was there for fighting the fight only. He would show very little respect to his commanding officers and to Shaw because he was promoted to Colonel …show more content…

He was put in charge of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, which was the first African American regiment during the Civil War.This is his first command he has ever experienced before and he was unsure if he was a strong enough leader to lead the inexperienced colored soldiers. With no experience he starts out as a cold and mean leader. He had stop interacting with his good friend Thomas especially and has commanded to beaten Trip due to him leaving camp. None of the hierarchy took him seriously due to any respect to him by the soldiers and officers. After that he realized to get there respect he needed to show it to them. Slowly he gains respect of the soldiers and the officers by getting them new supplies like shoes, uniforms and refused to take the payment they offered him because the soldiers were going to get paid lower than the white men. Shaw’s leadership skills have changed from the beginning, to a strong and brave leader as he lead his regiment to the final battle to the front line. The regiment view of Shaw has changed to him receiving full respect from his soldiers, and a strong leader you lead the first Colored regiment in the civil

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