Boo Radley's Personality In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Scout Finch is not an ordinary girl, and she does not want to be. Everything about her life proves a little bit out of the ordinary, especially the mysteries of her town. Things start to get even more odd than usual when a neighbor’s nephew, Dill, arrives. He has an untamed curiosity that also boosts Scout’s wonder to figure out the truth of the Radley house next door and the mysterious Boo Radley who lives there. While many questions surround Scout, her father takes a case that will change all of their lives. He agrees to defend an African-American man that was falsely accused, something that was unspeakable at the time. In the town of Maycomb, Scout’s traits of curiosity, tomboy personality, and boldness and courage, help her realize that …show more content…

When Dill arrives, Scout’s interest in things gets stronger as Dill has a curiosity even greater than hers. She especially desires to know more about the Radley house and the stories that surround Boo Radley, who is supposed to be a cruel character. Dill also immediately has the same longing once he learns about Boo Radley, and together along with Jem they try to figure out what really goes on in the Radley house. Another example of Scout’s curiosity is when she hears about Tom Robinson. She comes to his trial and stays through it even though she is not allowed to know the events that occurred to make Tom accused of the crime and the ending verdict.

Scout’s personality traits make up the character that she is. Without her unique personality, the events may have gone very differently. Tom Robinsons could be in more severe danger than he ended up being in, the truth of Boo Radley may not have ever been discovered, and Scout may not have done the things she did if she wanted to be ladylike. Each of her actions was driven by curiosity, her tomboy personality, and her courage and this traced the path for the book. Scout Finch and her strong personality make her a monumental character in To Kill A Mockingbird and one that many readers

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