How Is Atticus Finch A Role Model

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Throughout the book To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch’s portrayal as a perseverant, kind, and respectful man intensifies his daughter Scout’s and the reader’s reverence for him. At the beginning of the story he seems absent from Scout’s life, but this soon changes. When the lawyer decides to defend a black man in a case, she starts to get bullied in school. His calm and wise nature helps Scout go through times of hardship. When Atticus’s controversial case goes to court he uncovers evidence that proved that the man he was defending could not have committed the crime. Altogether, even though at first he seems a little dull, Atticus is clearly a role model in this story. When Scout, her friend Dill, and her brother Jem decide to try to get the town hermit, Boo Radley, out of his house, Atticus seems to dislike their fancy. In truth, he probably just wanted to keep them from bothering Boo. This shows Atticus’s grave respect for even those not respected where he lives. Additionally, by discouraging them from nosing about around the Radleys he would remove them from any danger of being shot by Boo’s father. Later, from about the second half of the book onwards, people insult Atticus for being the defense lawyer for Tom Robinson. He never …show more content…

Robinson thoroughly, Atticus researches and reads for hours in his office. Scout notes specifically that he often did not come home until after dark. The research pays off when he attacks Bill Ewell with apparently irrelevant questions in the trial. Clearly he wanted to try to prove the Ewells wrong before the trial, and had prepared to do so. After his cross-examination of them, he gives a powerful speech that, although he may not have made ahead of time, shows his fierce passion for justice. Despite his exertion over the case the jury unanimously votes “guilty”. But Atticus still had a little hope for Mr. Robinson. In chapter 24 he remarks, “’We [Mr. Robinson and Atticus] had such a good

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