Scout Finch Character Analysis Essay

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Scout Finch is a seven year old girl and is the protagonist of To Kill a Mockingbird. Readers of this book view the story from Scout's perspective and know her feelings and emotions. Despite all of the people who tell her she should wear a dress and act like a lady she loves to wear overalls and play outside with her brother. She is very brilliant for her age and can read and write even though she is only in first grade. Although Scout is a first-grade girl, she can read and write and loves to play outside with her brother and friend.
Scout Finch is the main character in To Kill a Mockingbird, readers view the story from her perspective and know what her thoughts and opinions are. Scout is a very opinionated and sassy young girl. She has no filter and will say whatever comes to her mind. Although most of the things she says were said with good intentions, sometimes she causes trouble. Readers can not rely on everything she says because she is still young and what she says could be wrong, exaggerated, or biased. Scout is very confident with …show more content…

Scout is a big tomboy for her time, and instead of wearing a dress and dress shoes, she would prefer to wear overalls and tennis shoes. Scout loves to play outside and run around Maycomb with Jem and Dill. Even though Jem and Dill are getting older and want to hang out with her less, she tries hard to be included. However, when Jem and Dill wish to do something involving the Radleys she is more hesitant to play with them. Scout loves her father very much. She looks up to him and does not want to do anything wrong to him. She loves to read and spend time with him. Although Scout's mother is dead she still has a mother figure. Calpurnia filled the missing place and treated Scout and Jem as her own. Even though Calpurnia acts as if she is her mother Scout just does not see how much she needs Calpurnia. Scout is often mad at her because she disciplines

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