How Is Scout Brave In To Kill A Mockingbird

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IN the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Scout finch, a daughter to Atticus and a sister to Jem Finch. Scout is an innocent five year old girl at the beginning of the book, but by the time the book ends she is a 9 year old girl finding out just how evil things can be. Scout is a young girl with a free spirit. She speaks her mind all throughout the book witch make the book very comical, as the novel goes on it is obvious that scout is an outspoken, intelligent, and brave girl. Scout is a very outspoken girl throughout the book. This is obvious to see in (lee 112) “ she called me a whore lady and jumped on me, is that true scout, said uncle jack. I reckson so.” Scout is in trouble she does not care she still chooses to smart off. Another way …show more content…

Scout is also a very intelligent to be so young. For example “… after making me read most of my first reader and the stock market quotations from the mobile register aloud, she discovered that I was literate and looked at me with more faint distaste.’ (lee 22) miss caroline is shocked that scout can read at such a young age. Later scout proves that not only is she educated in school but well educated in school and about life in maycomb. She clearly explains that to miss Caroline “ miss Caroline and I had conferred twice already and they were all looking at me in the innocent assurance that familiar breeds understanding. I rose graciously on Walters behalf “what is it Jean louise?” that’s okay, ma’am, youll get to know all the country folks after a while. The Cunningham’s never took anything they can’t pay back-no church baskets and scrip stamps. They never took anything off of anybody, they get along on what they have.

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