Thomas Gage's Impact On The Revolutionary War

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Asia Fraker Mr. Rollins History 10 In this paper the focus of this paper will be Thomas Gage and what happened in his life. I will be going over the impact his life had on the Revolutionary war and what difference he made. Let’s get into a brief introduction of who he has, what he did, and why it mattered or had such a big out come on the revolutionary war. He was a British commander for more than 10 years from 1763 to 1774. He was in control of around 16000 men. He lost all of those men to a mere 4000 French army. He was like every other commander: respected and totalitarian of his army. Thomas Gage started out almost like every other person, He was born in 1721. He was born in England in a city called, Firle, Sussex. His military career

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