George Washington's Influence On The French And Indian War

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George Washington had an extremely compelling influence in the French and Indian War. Amid the American Revolution, George Washington was a commander in the Continental Army, he was an officer in Virginia 's common local army, and he went ahead to the first president of the United States of America. George Washington 's journey through the French and Indian war began only right before the war. At the point when George Washington was sent to the Ohio Valley, he was only twenty-one years old, and went to confront the French, ascending in numbers in that specific district. He was sent there because at that location, the Ohio River was connected to the Mississippi River, and was an integral part to trade. There were reports of French troopers …show more content…

Senator Robert Dinwiddie was not satisfied of the French 's reaction to his "generous" offer of making a request to move far from that district of the Ohio Valley. So what Lt. Representative Robert Dinwiddie chose to do was take it by compel. He sent George Washington, alongside one-hundred and sixty Virginia militia to move down to Ohio Valley to get out the French by force. Lt. Representative Robert Dinwiddie 's particular words about what to do with the French were to "make Prisoners of or kill & destroy…" any individual who opposed the requests of the British to leave this place. The French additionally needed the English out of "their" domain, so they collected a gathering to oppose the approaching English, made up of thirty-five French armed force men, and twelve native fighters. In this way, on the twenty-eighth of May in 1754, Washington and his men had an arrangement to sneak into the French camp and take the land for themselves and for the British, yet the one of the French men spotted them and afterward shots rang out loud all around. This was the principal fight that lighted the French and Indian War. Toward the finish of this fight in the forested areas, the British and Washington ended up as the winner to win the fight and effectively (and forcibly) take the land from the French. Thirteen French fighters were slaughtered and 21 were caught. What George Washington said in regard to this was, " I fortunately escaped without any

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