French And Indian War Essay

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The French and Indian War started in 1753 even though the war was not officially declared by either state until 1754. This conflict in Europe is called the "Seven Years War"; which is not exactly true because the Treaty of Paris was Signed in 1763. Some historians even call it the first World War. In the mid seventeen hundred two main powers of Europe, the French and the English had made it to the new continent of North America and have settle colonies for trade and the ability to expand their influence as well as territories. These two powerhouses of Europe have never gotten along in their long history up into this point. The "balance of power was crucial not only to the Government but also to its people. The British had the thirteen original …show more content…

This allowed the French to take the main hold on trade routes using the Ohio River system linking them to the oh so crucial Mississippi River. The English settlers of the colonies; especially those of Virginia who had been promised this land in expansions to the East saw this has a hostile action. Jacques Legardeur de Saint-Pierre the commanding officer at Fort Le Boeuf openly accepted a small British expedition who was led by a young major; twenty-one-year-old George Washington who was sent to deliver a letter informing impending repercussions from the English if the French did not leave the Ohio Valley. Saint-Pierre refused this request which led Washington to return and write about his journey which sparked the importance of war not only to the colonist but the English people. (The first blood was drawn Washington when he heard of a French detachment was coming to meet his two-hundred plus group at The Great Meadows. The French had lost ten and twenty-one captured while the English only lost one.)(W.C#2 Pg.51-52) However one the natives leaders named by the Iroquois as ‘Half King took it upon him self to kill French leader, Ensign Joseph de Jumonville during negotiations. This was the call of war for the

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