French And Indian War Dbq

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The French and Indian war (1754-63) resulted in political, economic and ideological relations between British and its American colonies. Even during the time of war, population was booming. The land was becoming too small for the people, which meant the Americans needed more land. France was not going to let the colonists into their land, meaning there was only one way to go: west. The people that occupied such land were the people that were there since the beginning when the first colonists arrived. The Native Americans were being driven out of their own land so that Americans could wear out the land with their tobacco. Tobacco was called the poor man’s crop, although after a couple years the land was worn out and could grow no more. A chief from the Iroquois Confederacy knew this …show more content…

Americans were heading into Indian land without permission, when usually they peacefully bought land from the Indians. The Indians had enough of the colonists. In 1765, Benjamin Franklin wrote a letter about the Stamp Act and said repealing the act would be “the wisest course for you and I to take” (doc G). Franklin appealed to the British House of Commons on the issue. Colonists rioted, tax collectors were tarred and feathered if ever seen out in public. A propaganda poster to repeal the stamp act was shown in the Pennsylvania Journal (doc H), hoping that they would be listened to. After all of the violence occurring, the Stamp Act was repealed in March of 1766. The American colonists got their way. During the French and Indian war, many territorial changes were happening in

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