Benjamin Franklin's Influence On America

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Hundreds of years ago, numerous amounts of brave patriots existed, only some actually finding success. In the era of the Revolutionary War, there were nominal amounts of patriots, since many didn’t want to die. However, one of the greatest diplomat ever to live, rose up and took all the will to defend our land and the Constitution. Born in Boston on January 17, 1706, young Franklin struck out on his own in 1723, eventually finding success when leading America to its pinnacle (Heath par. 2). Franklin was the only natural philosopher, who earned a reputation in all of America and Asia. Traveling thousands of miles, place to place, he worked dedicatedly to improve the status of America. His impact in America came through his various inventions,…show more content…
One of Franklin 's most significant invention was the bifocals. “The bifocals is a pair of eyeglasses with lenses having two different focal lengths” (Sillou par. 13). He created these to help assist his very poor eyesight. “America had greatly been troubled with vision problems, but with the…show more content…
The most common impact that Benjamin Franklin had in America was his civic leadership. He was known as one of the best patriots and diplomats to ever live. “One of the most substantial ways that Benjamin Franklin contributed to America was his Albany Plan of Union” (Wesley par. 15). In 1754, Franklin was selected to represent Pennsylvania at the Albany Congress, as he was called to unite the colonies during the French and Indian War. Congress was desperately in need of a man so clever. Franklin’s plan was to bring the colonies together in some form under a central tyrant. “”This plan was adopted by the Congress but rejected by the colonial legislatures” (Wesley par. 15). However, this plan helped him to emerge as a leading spokesman for America. Another key role that Benjamin Franklin played as a leader was his opposition toward the Stamp Acts. Many colonists protested against this act by sending messages to the Parliament. “Mobs calling themselves ‘Sons of Liberty’ attacked tax collectors’ homes” (TCI, 67). When the Stamp Act arose, Franklin spoke about his political beliefs and opposition against the Stamp Act. He realized that the Parliament did not have the authority to tax other colonies. Through the help of Franklin and months of protest, the Stamp Act was finally repealed. Through years of hardwork and dedication, he was finally considered to be delegate in the Continental Congress. “One of the main important factor that probably impacted America the greatest was when
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