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Before America could have any Founding Fathers, the country needed Sons of Liberty to stand up to the British government. These men harnessed the outrage that had spread following Parliament 's Stamp Act of 1765, which levied an internal tax on the colonies. Though the Stamp Act was repealed, the disagreement over "taxation without representation" wouldn 't go away, resulting in events like the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party. The History Channel miniseries Sons of Liberty takes a dramatic look at the men who led the protests and upheavals that eventually resulted in revolution and independence. But maybe you’d like to delve further into the lives, intrigues, failings and accomplishments of the men in this group? Read on for …show more content…

Adams also displayed the same shortcomings as a Boston tax collector—after eight years on the job, he was approximately 8,000 behind in collections (perhaps not surprisingly, the people of Boston didn 't mind that last part). John Hancock was a merchant who was one of the wealthiest men in the colonies and who had a ship seized when he was accused of smuggling Hancock joined forces with Samuel Adams to support American independence. John Adams used his knowledge of the law to argue against the Stamp Act, and to successfully defend the British soldiers who 'd been accused of murder after the Boston Massacre. Joseph warren was a doctor who gathered the intelligence that sent Paul Revere (as well as William Dawes) on the famous midnight ride of April 18-19, 1775. Paul revere An artisan who 'd worked as a silversmith, goldsmith and engraver (and sometime dentist), Revere became a courier for the independence movement. Benjamin Franklin was a printer who 'd become an esteemed statesmen by the time of the American Revolution, Franklin joined the committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence. George Washington, a veteran of the French and Indian War, grew frustrated with British rule while serving in Virginia 's House of Burgesses, then agreed to use his military talents as the leader of the

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