John Hancock's Contribution To The American Revolution

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America was born on July 4, 1976, during the revolutionary war with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. John Hancock was the first of fifty-six members to sign it. His signature is probably the most famous signature in the world. John Hancock is most known for his signature on the Declaration of Independence but, he did much more than just that. During the American Revolution, John Hancock helped lead and aid the colonists with the weapons and other things they needed. He was elected to be the president of the Continental Congress and Governor of Massachusetts. These are only a few of the things that made John Hancock so important to the American revolution. John Hancock was born on January 12, 1737, in the town of Braintree, Massachusetts. His mother was Mary Hawke and father, John Hancock Sr., a clergyman. His father died when Hancock was just a boy in 1744. After his father’s death, his mother sent him to Boston to live with his wealthy Aunt Lydia and Uncle Thomas. They had no children so they took in John and treated him as a son of their own. Thomas Hancock owned a very successful shipping business in Boston. Hancock’s aunt and uncle spared no expense for his education. He graduated from Boston Latin School in 1750 and then went to Harvard right after. Hancock graduated 5th in his class from Harvard in 1754 when …show more content…

Hancock was one of the wealthiest and one of the most influential people of this time. His high status in Massachusetts helped him to become a popular rebel leader throughout the war. Hancock’s most important leadership roles during the war were President of the Continental Congress and Governor of Massachusetts. During the war, he shared his wealth with the rebels to help fight for their independence and without his money they wouldn’t have been nearly as successful. He chose to risk his life and fortune for America’s independence unlike most of the other colonists of his

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