Why Is Paul Revere Important To History?

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Paul Revere shouted throughout his midnight ride, “The Regulars are coming!” He was an American Patriot in the American Revolution who lived in Boston at the time. His lifespan was from 1735 to 1818, during the American Revolution. One of his famous quotes was “In Medford, I awakened the Captain of the Minutemen; and after that, I alarmed almost every house, till I got to Lexington.” Paul Revere is important to history because if he didn't warn Lexington about the British, America itself might not be known as America. Paul Revere was born January 1, 1735, in Boston, Massachusetts. His father was Apollos Rivoire, a French immigrant who came to America on his own at the age of 13, and Deborah Hichborn, a Boston native and the daughter of an artisan family Paul was important to history because he saved a lot of lives by warning Lexington about the British and that they were coming. If Paul hadn't done that, who knows what America could be. …show more content…

As his leadership grew, so did his responsibilities. As tension between the colonies and the British became bad, Revere was hired to spy on British soldiers and report on what they were doing. On one of his jobs spying on the British, he caught the British soldiers coming to Lexington to take it over. He then went to Lexington and warned them that they were coming by saying “The British are coming; The British are coming!” In addition to working for the Freemasons, he worked as a messenger for the Boston Committee of Correspondence and the Massachusetts Committee of Safety. As a rebel act of defiance, he and the other Sons of Liberty dressed as Indians and dumped tea into Boston Harbor, which is what came to be known as the Boston Tea Party. Paul Revere was important to history because he warned Lexington about the British were coming by saying these famous words; “The British are coming The British are coming!” If it wasn't for Paul Revere Massachusetts might not be known as

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