The Big Question: Why Is Benjamin Franklin An American Hero

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The Big Question: Why is Benjamin Franklin an American hero?
Coding Your Sources
Source 1 = "Franklin, Benjamin." Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia.
Source 2 = "Franklin, Benjamin (1706–1790)." The New Book of Knowledge.
Source 3 = "Franklin, Benjamin (1706–1790)." Encyclopedia Americana.

The Basics
My hero was born (where and when): Boston on Jan. 17, 1706
My hero died (where and when): Philadelphia on April 17, 1790.

My hero’s primary occupations were printer, moralist, essayist, civic leader, scientist, inventor, statesman, diplomat, postmaster, and philosopher.

My hero’s major accomplishments were that he was one of the greatest diplomats, invented many useful devices, and …show more content…

He thus became world famous.”

Quote from source 3: "Benjamin went to work for a man named Keimer, who was not a very good printer. Franklin quickly put his shop in order. His work attracted the attention of Pennsylvania 's governor, Sir William Keith, who offered to set up the 18-year-old Franklin in business.”

Mini-question #2: How did Benjamin Franklin influence the American Revolution?
Quote from source 1: “When he learned how strongly the people back home felt about the Stamp Act, he went before Parliament to testify against it. He talked for a whole day and convinced the House of Commons that the Stamp Act was not really good for England.”

Quote from source 2: “Nevertheless, he threw his energies behind the cause of independence and got himself appointed to the Second Continental Congress. He also traveled to Canada to get the Canadians to join the colonial fight for independence.”

Quote from source 3: “In October 1776, Franklin and his two grandsons sailed for France. There he achieved an amazing personal triumph and gained critical French aid for the Revolutionary

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