Benjamin Franklin's Ethos In Speech In The Convention

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The advantage of having many past experiences and being an old man is a great way to get attention from others. A wise old man who is willing to take any judgement or risk for what is best for his country and the people. Benjamin Franklin , author of the “Speech in the Convention” (1787), persuade his audience with the rhetorical techniques, by comparing the delegates through allusions and humbling his own ethos in order to convince the congress to pass the constitution by its flaw. Benjamin Franklin effectively utilize allusions by comparing the delegates, so they could approve the constitution. Franklin states that the delegates is likely going to end up the same as “the builders of Babel” with the states of separation to “cutting one another’s throats” in order to make the members of the congress fear of the future (43). The evidence that Franklin provided is …show more content…

Franklin claims that he has been living long enough to see errors that he made, therefore as he grow older, he tend to “doubt of [his] own judgment” because nobody is perfect due to his past experiences (43). The informations that Franklin presents is to show his reputation that he is not perfect, also his constitution but he is open minded and willing to make what is best for the people. The perspective errors of the constitution have, is being “sacrificed to the public good” meaning all the flaw that constitution have will not be reveal to the people (44). Franklin is very passion about what is best for the people and their happiness, furthermore his characteristic is very respectful toward the citizen and the congress. As a result, Benjamin Franklin is a wise man, in order to create trusts from the members of the congress, he utilizes his ethos by accepting his fallibilities and willing to do good for the constitution to be

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