How Did Benjamin Franklin Contribute To The Formation Of The Constitution

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a. The Constitutional Convention took place in the year of 1787. It was a place where delegates from the various colonies discussed various issues that were going on during this time. This convention was very important to our nation because it served as the foundation of what came to be known as the constitution. The constitution was a process in which a lot of people were involved with. According to the Oxford guide to United States History, the congress called for a convention in Philadelphia because they wanted to make changes to the articles that were originally proposed. Also according to the Oxford guide to United States History, fifty five delegates from twelve nations attended and worked together to strengthen the articles while also …show more content…

Benjamin Franklin contributed to the formation of the constitution in more ways than one. According to the letters of delegates to congress, Benjamin Franklin seemed to believe in the power of the unity among congress. (Letters of Delegates to Congress 77). According to the archives on the delegates of the constitutional convention, he did more prior to this convention. He was a part of the Albany congress by being the representative of the nation of Pennsylvania, and he also helped with the unification of colonies during the French and Indian war. Another accomplishment of his was the fact that he was part of the Constitutional congress, and he also took over as president of Pennsylvania during the Constitutional convention (American delegates of the Constitutional Convention: Benjamin Franklin 5, 7). He contributed a lot of important things that made our constitution the way it is. He helped draft the constitution, and he is an important figure in American history. In our nation, unity is a major issue because a lot of people regard themselves as inferior and do not take time to see each other’s strengths. The constitution acknowledges all of us as one part of a nation who together can rise to overcome any challenge. That is what it is all about, and Benjamin Franklin was a key figure in trying to incorporate the county of Europe and America into two nations that get along and work together. He is a person who had many roles and someone who helped found the basis of our

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