How Did Benjamin Franklin Write The Constitution

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Benjamin franklin's involvement with the us constitution is a very remarkable part of the us constitution because of how much he inspired the delegates to work on the constitution

Of all the founding fathers, Franklin has the special distinction of having signed all three of the major documents that gave the colonies freedom from British rule and established the United States as a free nation(1): the Declaration of Independence, The Treaty of Paris, and the United States Constitution were all the treaties he signed(1). Benjamin franklin didn’t use any documents to help him write the us constitution. But since his beginning times, he’d read many important books. He’d discussed vision about equal rights with professors and other delegates. He’d also worked with intelligent men like …show more content…

Many of the delegates had many different ideas about how the nation should be organized and ran, including Franklin. For instance(2), he thought that administrative power was too great to be placed in the hands of one person and that a council was a much better option. Alexander Hamilton, on the other hand of the argument they wanted a single head appointed for life(2). The convention chose a single head with a limited duration(5).

For the legislative branch, Franklin favored a unicameral senate. His beliefs were not preferred by the majority, however(2). The convention deliberated over a way to come up with a equal representation for both small and big states(5). Franklin helped break the standoff and pave the way for what became known as the "great compromise(2)." bigger states would have their way in the lower house of the legislature, where representatives would be chosen according to majority. The upper house or Senate would have the same number of senators from each

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