Why Are The Articles Of Confederation Weak

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The Articles of Confederation was the first form of government of United States. The Articles of Confederation was so weak because the Federal government didn’t have the right to tax the citizen, so they would not have enough capital to pay the loan that was borrowed during Revolutionary War. Nevertheless, every amendment required all 13 states to approve, so it was so difficult to set up an amendment. Therefore, changes were almost impossible to happen. It led to the Constitutional Convention because the politician thought the Articles of Confederation was too weak, so they did need improvement. The purpose of Constitutional Convention was to revise Articles of Confederation. There were two major political parties which were Federalists and Antifederalists. For …show more content…

Antifederalists wanted to fight for the Bill of Right which can ensure their rights would not be deprived. In order to balance the power, there were 2 plans that were advocated at that time, which were Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan. Virginia Plan thought that the state with larger population would have larger power, the more representation in government. For New Jersey Plan, they thought that the legislative should have one house with 2 representation, no matter the population. Therefore, Senate was formed. The Compromise allowed the states to count their slaves as 60% of a human being. There are three major branches of government, they are Executive branch, Legislative branch, and Judicial branch. Executive branch’s role is to execute laws, the role of Legislative branch is to make laws, at last, the role of Judicial branch is to interpret laws. The purpose of intent of checks is to ensure that no one branch of United States government would be more powerful than each other. Check and Balance is included because people are feared of power-abusing, as the Antifederalists still remember what would happen i there is a overpowered

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