Essay On How Did The Constitution Guard Against Tyranny

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How did the constitution guard against tyranny? In May 1787 55 individuals responded to the call for the constitutional convention.They were mostly wealthy and white males. Tyranny is the “accumulation of all powers in the same hands weather one, a few, or many.” This was written by James Madison. The reason why the constitutional convention was called was because the existing constitution the Articles Of Confederation was not working so well.this was a problem because there was no court systems,no Chief Executive(An organizer),and the government could not force a state to pay their taxes. It is important to have these things in a government because imagine if there was no CEO to organize what taxes were being collected and which were not or if there were no courts then there would be chaos because no one will go to jail and if the government can’t make states pay taxes what can they do? These are all reasons why the articles of confederation were not good for the U.S. …show more content…

This is where the 55 males would come up with a new articles of confederation called the Constitution. This was a much, much better version o f the articles of confederation it had everything the article did not have. It had a court system a CEO and a law to have all states pay their taxes. This new Constitution allowed the government to have separation of powers. That means that one branch of government could not take over the other two.this was very important because without it the president can elect who ever he wants or the HR an Senates can Impeach someone for

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