Confederation Vs Tyranny

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Tyranny is everywhere, the only way it’s not is if we can prevent it ourselves. One of America’s first governments was the Articles of confederation. The Articles of Confederation was shown to be corrupt and couldn’t get the job done, the government didn’t consist of any sort of chief executive, no court system and a weak central government, due to the inability of the government to enforce taxes. The people decided it needed to go. James Madison and a group of men decided to come together in an event known as the Cconstitutional Cconvention, in order to create a new system of government. The question was, how would they create a government system servicing all the peoples needs and be free of tyranny. How can the constitution protect against …show more content…

Another way the Cconstitution protected against tyranny was, through the power of big states vs. the power of small states compromises over representation. This process worked as, the amount of representatives appointed was based off the population of that state. The higher the population,= the more representatives. This obviously made making the bigger states happymore happy, because if they had all those representatives they could shift leeway the laws toward their liking, but not too much. The way this evened out was that when senators were appointed every state was given two for six years. Thus, making the small states happy, as they were now equal to the bigger states. “ Representatives … shall be apportioned...according to(population) … The number of representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty thousand, but each state shall have at least one representative.”(document D). The system makes sense as they would need more representatives to cover the larger amount of population, but at the same time, it didn’t give them a lot of additional power compared to the small states with less representatives. It also explains that one representative can only be appointed for thirty thousand people to ensure that one state didn’t have an overload of representatives. Another way they ensured the system was tyranny free and fair was that every state would be appointed at least one representative. As you can see the Cconstitution went through a very intricate process in …show more content…

The final way the Cconstitution protected against tyranny was through the system of checks and balances. They system of checks and balances was made so that one branch wouldn’t become more powerful than another as most of the branches actions could be checked by another branch. For example the legislative branch can impeach a president from office and the congress approves presidential nominations and can override a presidential veto. The judicial branch can declare presidential acts unconstitutional and the president nominates the judges from the judicial branch. This system provided an equal balance amongst the three branches and every detail was necessary for equality here, as James madison explained in one of his federalist papers. “...the constant aim is to divide and arrange several offices in such a manner as that they may be a check on the other.( The three branches) should not be so far separated as to have no constitutional control over each other.”(Document C). What he is saying is basically what I explained before in that a constant aim is is to make multiple offices in which they balance out and have no complete control over each other. The Cconstitution shows that they continue to try and make separate offices that balance out each other.
The Cconstitution seems to have seen every single detail covered and madke sure there was no possible way tyranny could be a problem. As their process was very intricate and thoroughthurow, in order to establish this

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