Articles Of Confederation Thematic Essay

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The Articles of Confederation was written when the United States was a fairly new country, and from the people wanting to create a different government from the king of England. Although this document respected individual rights, it was too loose of a document that could drive the country to success. After revising what they had created, the founding father of the us the created the us constitution. It was more strict, but still valued peoples rights. The Articles of Confederation were so different from the constitution. For example, The Articles of Confederation only had one branch of government called congress, while the constitution 3 branches. These branches are the Legislative branch, the Judicial branch, and the Executive branch. These …show more content…

This made them create the law that to pass any amendments, or to change any, it needed to have 2/3 of congress to vote on it and 3/4 of the states approval, unlike when they had the articles of confederation. The Articles of Confederation had to have all the states agree on an amendment. The only problem with this was that the states had different opinions and views, which resulted in nothing changing. The Articles of Confederation only had 1 representative per state. This was a problem because the ratio of population to the 1 representative was unfair. Another problematic example with the Articles of confederation were that the government could not tax people. This idea seems great when you are a person of the country, but in reality it soon backfires. The government then had no money to build roads, or schools, or do anything because it did have have any money. This is the resulting of no taxes. However in the Constitution , they did have taxes, and thus could build things like roads, schools and other public needs. Even though these documents were created only 6 years difference, they really had their differences. The founding fathers took the lessons learnt from the problematic Articles of confederation and bettered themselves, which resulted in the Constitution we still have

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