Constitutional Convention Vs Federalism Dbq

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In May of 1787, 55 delegates came to Philadelphia to have a Constitutional Convention. They had this meeting so they could make the U.S. Constitution. They wanted to make one because the articles of the Confederation were not working. They wanted to make a Constitution that would benefit the U.S. The Constitution also guarded against tyranny in 4 different ways, Federalism, Separation of powers, checks and balances and big State little State, compromise. Federalism is the division of power between central and State Goverments. Document A states " The power surrendered by the people is first divided by two distinct Goverments and the portion alotted to each subdivided between distinct and separate departments". The powers that are given …show more content…

a fair amount of senators and represenative in the house of representatives. In document D, article 1, section 2, house of representatives, clause 3 states: "Representatives shall be appointed to population. The number shall not exceed 1 for every thirty-thousand, but each state shall have at least one representative". This article and section are stating that every state shall have a number of representatives based on population. Article 1, section 3, Senate, clause 1 states, "The Senate of the United states shall be composed of the two senators from each state, chosen by the legislatures there of for six years; and each senator shall have one vote". This article is stating that every state will have two senators no matter what the population is. This guards against tyranny by making sure that all states have equal power so that one big state can't take all of the power. There are many ways that the constitution gurds against tyranny. It has checks and balances, federalism, separation of powers and the big state little state compromise. Tyranny is when all of the power is given to one person or one group. The founding fathers created the consitution to guard agaist

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