Benjamin Franklin's Accomplishments

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Our Nation would not be where it is today if it were not for Benjamin Franklin's passion for liberty and freedom. It is difficult to grasp the vast accomplishments he has achieved. His ambition, intelligence, and morality are few of the many character attributes, which make Franklin a remarkable hero. The brilliant man was a genius known for his wit and wisdom that helped America reach its goals. Franklin was born January 17th 1706 in Boston Massachusetts. In his formative years, Franklin was a very bright young boy, who was always eager for knowledge and despised working in his father, Josiah Franklin's candle shop. Being a devout Puritan, Josiah Franklin wanted his son to be in the congregational ministry profession, so he sent Benjamin …show more content…

Growing up his practice of religion was very orthodox and conventional. Resentment of this strict way of life caused Franklin to rebel toward his devout Calvinistic upbringing Franklin became fascinated with Deism, He believed in one God as the creator but detested orthodox theology debates, he thought them to be a distraction from the true meaning of Christianity. Morals were very important to Franklin. He felt that religion was pointless unless it promoted virtuous behavior; he always strove for moral perfection in his character. Virtues are critical to maintaining a decent society. Today, America's standards and moralities are deteriorating and society is spiraling into disarray. We could use Franklin's philosophy of morality to make our civilization more humane and improved. Regarding Franklin's political beliefs, he cannot be classified under today's categories of conservatism or liberalism, because these terms did not exist in Franklin's America. He did strongly believe in freedom, and that people should have the right to choose their own government. He also believed that people should be fairly represented in parliament. Franklin's ideas of government were primarily focused around the people. Our Nations state today would not be impressive to Franklin. Due to our society's dwindling liberties and freedom, Franklin would probably be exceedingly disappointed in the way our country has developed. It is so crucial that we fight for our country's morality and liberties, or all that Franklin and many other founding fathers sacrificed for this nation will be in

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