Similarities Between Benjamin Franklin And The Colonies

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Benjamin Franklin and the Colonies
“He was the nation itself, declared the Atlantic Monthly in 1889, ‘the personification of an optimistic shrewdness, a large, healthy nature, as of a young people gathering its strength and feeling its broadening power,’” (Wood 3). Franklin is one of the most famous men in America’s history; he was a living representation of America, and was the type of person that many people aspired to become. Although they did not occur simultaneously, Franklin’s life is comparable to the events that transpired in the American colonies, and he had a huge influence on the character of modern Americans.
Benjamin Franklin is widely considered “the First American.” He was an author, printer, politician, scientist, inventor, and diplomat. As a scientist, he played a large role in the American Enlightenment, and his work and accomplishments directly affected the formation of American society. Like many other Americans …show more content…

“The next day the man whom Dr. Johnson called a ‘maker of mischief’ sailed for America and became a passionate patriot, more passionate in fact than nearly all the other patriot leaders” (Wood 151). Understandably, many colonists were suspicious of Franklin’s shift in opinion. This shift contrasted with the colonies, as they took years to decide they wanted to be independent while Franklin decided almost out of nowhere (Wood 155). However, he was, in truth, the most dedicated of the Patriot leaders. Although many Americans were dedicated to the cause, Franklin took Britain’s actions on a much more personal level. Although nobody was as dedicated as Franklin, his actions can still be compared to America. Like him, many colonists went from being loyal to Britain to vying for separation from the empire. While most people did not take it as personally as he did, he likely inspired many with how passionate he

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