Comparing Letters From An American Farmer And Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography

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Final exam

Earlier in the semester we were introduced to John De Crevecoeur’s letters from an American Farmer and Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography. The two books both had strong opinions about what American and what the “New Man” was in American during the 18th century. In the 18th century Benjamin franklin was the man who invented the American dream for many people. His Dream was that through hard work and honesty any man can gain respect in the community; along with deserving prosperity and economic protection. he also believed that American was a place where you could come and have a new start. John De Crevecoeur’s vison of the America and the “New Man” is a man who is leaving behind his old ways to create new ways and adapt new manner to make a new life for himself.

Franklin and Crevecoeur both vision America as a new way to start life again. They also somewhat differ on the vision in some ways. Franklin talked about how American was a mix rich and poor. He also talked about …show more content…

in the book his character Oscar Wao dreams of having a better life but is cursed by the Fuku which is an African curse that was carried though the screams upon the Africans who were enslaved. This is something that everyone wants but not everyone can achieve. The vision in the end in both the 18th and 20th century was for foreigners coming to America to be able to come here and get what they have worked for.
Junot Díaz American dream for Oscar Wao is to one day have it all, to come from rags and make it to riches. At a young age Oscar wanted to be love and to have sex but this something that never happened so he becomes depress and overweight. he soon thinks that it is the curse of the Fuku that Is over him and that is way he is not happy with his love life because he has became a

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