How Did Benjamin Franklin Contribute To The American Revolution

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The American Revolution was a colossal event in history. It represented the start of the greatest country in the world. Benjamin Franklin was a remarkable human when it came to the American Revolution. To start, Benjamin Franklin was involved in an enormous part of the American Revolution. Without Benjamin Franklin, America may not exist today. Benjamin Franklin was the most epic American considering that throughout the American Revolution Ben accomplished the most influential things. These things consisted of convincing the French to provide key supplies such as money, manpower, ships and experienced military leaders. Furthermore, he repealed the stamp act. Next, he signed the Treaty of Paris, which ended the war against Great Britain. Then, he helped abolish slavery. Following that, Ben established the Declaration of Independence, which tighten the relationship between the French and the 13 Original Colonies together to make the treaty of Alliance with France. After that, Franklin was a key element to producing the United States Constitution. Finally, Ben proposed a basic version known as the Articles of Confederation today. Benjamin first found his start when he was elected in England to represent the colonists enraged at the fact that they had to pay tax on stuff not in their country. Benjamin won and repealed the bill 275 votes to 161 votes. Since the win Benjamin’s popularity grew like wildfire. Ben was then fired, due to tensions building when a letter was printed containing information on cracking down …show more content…

In concluding, I believe that Benjamin Franklin was the most epic American due to the Treaty of Alliance, a start to abolishing slavery, the first step allowing America to gain it’s independent by getting rid of the stamp act, establishing the Declaration of Independance, and finally signing the Constitution which allows us freedom, liberty and justice for

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