How Did Ben Franklin Contribute To The Declaration Of Independence

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Born in Boston 1706,Ben Franklin helped to draft the Declaration of Independence and the U.S constitution and he negotiated the 1783 Treaty of Paris which ended the revolutionary war. His scientific pursuits included investigations to electricity,mathematics and mapmaking. A printer and writer known for his wit and wisdom,Franklin was a polymath who published Poor Richard’s Almanack,invented Bifocal glasses and organized the first succsessful American lending library.

Ben Franklin learned to read at an early age and despite his success at the Boston latin school,he stopped his formal schooling at age ten and helped his father work in his candle and soap shop Although James beat his

young 2 younger brother,ben learned a great deal at newspaper publishing and adopted a similar board of subversive politics under the printers tutelage. …show more content…

Tired of james’ harsh behavior,ben fled Boston in 1723 although he had three years remaining on a legally binding contract with his master.
He escaped to New York before settling into philadelphia,which became his home base for the rest of his life.
Benjamin franklin also decided to set up his own print shop,which was encouraged by penn. Government William Keith. in 1725,Ben published his first pamphlet,”A dissertation upon liberty and necessity pleasure and pain”,which argued that humans lack free will,and thus are not morally responsible for their own actions.(Franklin later repudiated his thought and burned all,but one copy of his pamphlet stiil in his possession.) in 1730,Franklin was named the official printer of

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