Benjamin Franklin's Influence On The Enlightenment

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At the start of the 18th century, the beginning of the Enlightenment was upon America. There were many factors and people who help play a part in the Enlightenment or, in other words, the Age of Reason, some of the people that assisted the enlightenment was Thomas Jefferson, John Locke, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adam. Each of the philosophers demonstrates the fundamental idea of the Enlightenment like liberalism, rationalism, conservatism, toleration and scientific progress. Even though each person played an important part, the most influences person that was involved was Benjamin Franklin. Throughout Benjamin Franklin`s life, he demonstrates through his action and writing that he was the epitome of the Enlightenment by showing that he was …show more content…

Franklin was known for creating many things that we still use today, and we will continue uses for many years to come. Inventions that we still use today would be the lightning rod, street lighting, odometer, Bifocal glasses, and the discovery of Daylight Saving Time. Franklin invented the lightning rod to protect the building from lightning; Franklin believed this was the most important inventions. With street lighting, he only improved it by using the scientific method to help improve the quality of light. As he describe it in his Autobiography, "I, therefore, suggested composing them of four flat panes, with a long funnel above to draw up the smoke, and crevices admitting air below, to facilitate the ascent of the smoke; by this means they were kept clean, and did not grow dark in a few hours, as the London lamps do, but continu'd bright till morning." When Franklin invented the Odometer he wanted to have the carriage be able to tell how far they have gone, now we have them in our vehicles so, we can monitor how far we travel. One of Franklin`s major discovery would be of Daylight Saving now we know when to “spring ahead” or “fall

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