How Did The Enlightenment Influence On America

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Enlightenment was created by the English philosopher John Locke. The ideas that were influenced by enlightenment were life, liberty, and property. This also gave to the idea of natural right. Enlightenment influenced the way people finally realized that divine right wasn’t right and start to doubt it. Throughout time enlightenment has influenced a lot of important events in history. Enlightenment had a big influence on America. The American Enlightenment started in the eighteenth century. It influenced the ideas that have shaped the Constitution of the United States (Dixon 257). The idea of liberty caused the Americans to rebel against the British. Every human being has a right to liberty so they should be able to decide whether they should…show more content…
This made the common people to rebel and change things to being more fair and better. The commoners that the Third Estate made up started to see that the First Estate and Second Estate were being treated better than them. The First State and Second Estate paid almost no taxes while the Third Estate had to pay a lot of tax. Since everyone has a right to liberty the Third Estate wanted to have the same amount of representation as the other two estates. They were always going to be outvoted because of each estate only got one vote. The commoners fought back for their right to a fair vote. They wanted equal representation and equal votes. The Third Estate reason for this was because they thought that the ones that worked and paid taxes were the nation. The voting should be done individually by the delegates. Third Estate felt so good about the enlightenment ideas that they even created and called themselves the National Assembly. The National assembly was able to win and abolish the feudal privileges of the nobility and the clergy. Enlightenment has helped create a new era for the French of liberty, equality, and fraternity (The French Revolution
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