Compare And Contrast The Enlightenment Ideas Of Montesquieu And Rousseau

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During the Enlightenment new ideas were created that greatly impacted society. The new ideas created during the Enlightenment impacted society so much that many of the ideas were utilized when forming the government of the United States. Three European men Montesquieu, Voltaire, and Rousseau each had their own unique views of what would be best for society. Each philosopher had ideas that would make today 's society more ideal and with hard work are possible to achieve. To begin with, Montesquieu is best known for his ideas to revolutionize political systems. The separation of powers changed society by allowing people to think that not just one person should control and govern the laws of a country. The Spirit of the Laws which was a book written …show more content…

Which brings me to the next Enlightenment philosopher Voltaire. Voltaire had a very big impact on society as he encouraged people to start having their own ideas. In Voltaire 's time period people were constantly punished for not agreeing with the church or the government. Voltaire believed that society would be much better off if there was freedom to have your own ideas. Voltaire believed that diversity was the key to success for society as he stated in The Philosophical Dictionary, "To be a good patriot is to wish that one 's city may be enriched by trade, and be powerful by arms"(Voltaire). Voltaire understood that a country that is diversified gains more than a country that is isolated and that does not accept differentiation. As a result, Voltaire 's ideas impacted our society today in the United States because the United States constitution allows freedom of speech. While many people to this day are still not tolerant of the other views that people have, a change can be made by teaching others that tolerance allows a person to grow and ultimately strengthens society. The exposure of other cultures also helped the United States to be a more tolerant country. This ideal society is also possible in other countries that do not have as much freedom legally as well by having leaders of countries that have freedom speak with the leaders of countries that do not have as much freedom, since exposure to foreign cultures increases the possibility of tolerance. All in all, Voltaire

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