French Revolution Dbq

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The French Revolution is often considered to be the watershed moment of the modern Era. During the 1700’s there was plenty of issues going on around the world that would impact it greatly. One of the most important thing that I’d say went on around the world would be the French Revolution. The French society was fairly simple it consisted of three levels in the social system. Once you are placed in a social group you are there for life regardless of what events happen in your life. The three levels would be The Clergy, which was the highest part of the social system this consisted of Bishops, which administered to the needs of the priests, the Priests, cared for the spiritual life of the population. The Priests were a big deal during the middle ages because the population or the people went to them to confess their sins through confession. The Clergy also held the Monks, which were men who lived in monasteries and served as example of the perfect Christian life. Nuns were the lowest part of The Clergy social system, Nuns pretty much consisted of younger girls whose parents placed them in there to make sure they have a secure life. The Middle Class of The Clergy would be “The Nobility” was more of a military based class it help the knights and mounted warriors who swore away their land to fight for the sovereign. The lowest class of The Clergy was …show more content…

Each estate only can cast one vote, which meant that the First and Second estate could always outvote the Third estate. This then caused the Third estate to get frustrated because they could never win a vote. So the Third estate thought it would be a good idea to come up with their own National Assembly. Third estate moved to an indoor tennis court where then the “Tennis Court Oath” took place which meant that they would stay there until a new constitution was to be

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