What Are The Causes Of The Articles Of Confederation Dbq

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At a time many thought that the effects of a revolution would cause another one. The Articles of Confederation was the center of attention for this problem. After the fight for Independence the new America had to have a type of government. The Congress of this newly established nation created the Articles of Confederation. Of course problems would arise due to the ability of them knowing what they didn’t want when they should’ve known what the should have. Although the Articles of Confederation created the Northwest Ordinance; the failure to produce a stable Economy, the weakness of the Federal Government, and the inability to create a strong and structured army were causes of the Articles of Confederation. The Articles had forgot able many problems that could be faced …show more content…

But, for now you have to look at the people that made the Articles and really how much power they should have given themselves. You do have to give a little leeway understanding that the Americans did not want an overpowering force, but really they could have given themselves a little more of a power shift. The Articles had given the states too much power and the Federal too little. This caused the states to break up into their own little countries that only cared about themselves. Really they were the States of America. In Document G, Shay’s Rebellion is brought into frame. The causes of this ultimately were from the states taxing their farmers, who were already in debt. The Debt from the Revolution brought on to the Government found it’s way towards the farmers. Along with that in Document A and H it is brought to light that 13 of the 13 states had to agree on the same thing for that to be ratified. This is one, not logical, and two, made it very hard for things to pass. If only a legislature was strong enough pass it’s own laws that were brought on to the

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