What Are The Articles Of Confederation Failure

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The Articles of Confederation couldn’t deal adequately with many problems that arose during the 1780’s. Some of the problems include National Security and Currency. On the other hand, The Articles of Confederation did have some admirable traits to it. Such as the Ordinances of 1787 and 1785. Though the Articles had some praiseworthy achievements, it did come with some major complications.

The government under the Articles of Confederation generated some big issues, but one of its greatest successes was the ordinances of 1787 and 1785. The passage of The Land Ordinance of 1785 allowed new states to join the nation. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 prohibited slavery in the Northwest Territory. These decrees greatly helped the beginning of the United States. …show more content…

One of these downfalls was the fact that that the new United States had no national currency. The main problem with this is that each state, could coin money so most had a different currency, making the state money practically worthless. For example if you lived in New York and you visited Pennsylvania, the currency you have from New York, is worthless there. So to fix this congress became the only one who can coin money, making one, single, national

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