Articles Of Confederation Vs Constitution Essay

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After securing their liberty from the British in 1776, the Americans created the Articles of Confederation. It was not until 1781 that this document was ratified by the then 13 states. Unfortunately, not everything went to plan. Revisions were necessary and modifications were required to better provide for the needs of the American people. Economically, the Articles of Confederations would not allow Congress to impose taxes, this would require the federal government to borrow money from the states. Furthermore, during the Articles of Confederation, no federal court system was available to settle disputes between the people. In addition, the Articles of Confederation lacked an executive branch in the government to execute the laws. In 1788, the Constitution was ratified when nine of the thirteen states ratified it. This new Constitution allowed for national security and individual rights to be protected. At the time, it was a revolutionary landmark that the government was addressing the needs, wants, and desires of the people they serve. Currently, Americans are debating whether or not changes must …show more content…

The Bill of Rights contains the first ten amendments of the US Constitution. The first amendment protects the liberty of religion, speech, and freedom of the press. The government is supposed to protect the liberties of the people. The fourth amendment protects the people from unwarranted searches. The government must protect the people from being investigated without a warrant or without a seizure. The eighth amendment protects the people from imposing excessive fines or bail, and from cruel and unusual punishment. The government protects the people from having an excessive fine or bail for a crime and from being tortured or punished for something they have done. These rights are an integral part of the Constitution because they protect the rights of the

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