Compare And Contrast Enlightenment And American Revolutions

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Enlightenment was a concept that inspired a new way of thinking of the people. In the newly formed United States of America, enlightenment shaped the way the new government was run. Scientific reasoning was applied to politics, religion, and science. Enlightenment saved music, art, and literature programs in colleges. Enlightenment in Europe led to drastically altered views on philosophy, politics, and communications. While enlightenment was the same revolution in thinking around the world, the ideas it brought were not always the same. For example, French enlightenment had different approaches to thinking than American enlightenment. Because of this, the two countries new governments were run on different ideologies. Both the French and American Revolutions were inspired by liberty, equality, and the rights of the people. However, the views of enlightenment of the two revolutions ultimately led to different ideologies in the two countries. Enlightenment views on government and policy helped the two new governments create their own unique system for governing. One ideal of enlightenment was equality. America believed in equality before the law. In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created …show more content…

One with checks and balances to protect citizens from falling back into an absolutist form of government. Rights were seen as things for the government to protect, even on occasion from itself. The Bill of Rights, written by James Madison, declared citizens as free from the government, while also placing restrictions on governmental power. Government was now seen, not as apart of the people, but as an operation that serves the people. This differs from the previous views of the monarchy in England, where the people served the monarchy. Virtue was viewed as one’s personal manners and beliefs,positive or negative, separate from any other’s

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