Compare And Contrast The French Revolution And The American Revolution

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When revolution happen in history they often go through several stages before they are put to an end. Almost all revolutions in history have these stages but the details are almost always different. A good example would be the American revolution and the French Revolution. Because both of these revolutions had a similar cause and effect, means they will have very similar stages. The american revolution’s main purpose was to become independent from the British and create their own country. The French revolutions purpose was to abolish the oppressive french government and create a new France (Britannica). Although what they wanted were not related the stages that occurred during the revolutions were similar. The American revolution and the French revolution were both revolutions that were similar by having similar stages of a normal stage, widespread dissatisfaction, and the transfer of power and change. The first stage of a revolution is the normal stage, a stage in which before the revolution takes place there is a person or group in power, which gained power through traditional means. Before both the American and French revolutions happened there were two established countries France and England. These two countries had existed for hundreds of years. England had been existent since the year …show more content…

The American and French Revolution both had similar stages that a revolution consists of having a normal stage, widespread dissatisfaction, and the transfer of power and effect. The Americans and French both had a normal stage in which they were ruled by and monarchs were chosen in a traditional way. They both had a time when both sides oppressed the French and British government. Lastly, both parties got power in the end from whom they wanted to be free from. All revolutions have many stages which they go through, these three stages are the main bits of a

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